Friday, 19 September 2008

First Tooth

Life has been so so busy,I wont even try to catch up

Kayley lost her first tooth today.Sad to see the first perfect little white tooth go

Friday, 1 August 2008

Too Busy!

OMG It cant be August?

I have just been super busy.Im too busy to have a blog LOL.I have enough trouble finding time to sleep.I have worked 8 days (or mostly overnights rather) in the last 10 and yesterday was 10 hours.Anyways today was the first day ive had to myself since i cant remember.It went way too fast.These past holidays were the first school holidays i have ever worked so that was a bit different for the kids.Luckily my mum helped me out with the kids and I tried to make up for lost time every chance i got

So now to find a few pics from the past month

Kayley at her half yearly dance display~Troupe dance

Very tired dancing girl~ Panda eyes

Lauren and Hayden on the same day..They all performed in Acro and Loved it.So much so that Lauren has decided to get back into dancing and of course has to do it all..ballet,jazz and tap.Thank god i have a job

Another one of Miss K on her way to the dance display and in her pose that she ends her dance in..You cant touch this!

In the holidays I took the kids to the grass slides.Just a hilly bit land beside the river that is popular for sliding down on with cardboard.I got some from work.We had a picnic and they had an absolute ball sliding down every which way you can.I could not get them away and it cost zippo

Off to the Movies to see Kung Fu Panda

Kaz xoxox

Monday, 30 June 2008

My beautiful girl is 6 plus lots of catch ups

I have had lots happening and lots of pics to share

OMG where to start? A couple of weeks ago (the week before Kayleys birthday) we went to Taronga Zoo.My animal mad girl was busting to go there for her birthday and we were busy the next 3 weeks so if we didnt go this day we wouldnt have got there.Problem was the weather looked a bit dodgy and Jase was very wary about going .I vowed that unless is was pouring..we were going.I bought 4 cheap umbrellas on the way.The weather was not good LOL.It was very cold,windy and mostly raining.The wind blew my unbrella inside out which was a cack.We made the most of it and of course she still had a ball.Not even absent zebras (which are her fav) monkey and gorillas would dampen her spirits

Before we left.Yes she raided my lipstick LOL

The giraffes..My fav.The backdrop to where these gorgeous animals are situated is stunning in real life.A definate tourist must see

Hayden,Kayley and Lauren

Birthday pics

I bought her a good outfit which she liked and i thought shed wear it out to dinner but she chose to leave on her Hannah Montanna gear which she loves LOL

All she wanted for her birthday was a bunch of fresh flowers and a photo album with her zoo pictures in it.She wanted pics of every animal LOL.She did get a bit spoilt with other things though.She chose some lillies and the florist added some daisies in.They are still in her room and its day 9.we have been changing the water and trimming them.There was loads of buds so she has been able to watch them bloom.They only cost me $10 so worth every cent

All her gorgeous hair stuff and jewellery is from Lisa of Giggle'N'Groove.I was lucky enough to be the winner of a box of bling when i placed an order .It is all very much loved here.Kayley has worn it all at every opportunity.Cant speak highly enough of the service and product.Due to my lack of photography skills i can promise its even nicer in real life.

Kayley on her way to her first dancing estoddford.Didnt get a chance to get a pic in her costume..She came home with a "first" ribbon

My new classes.Kayley took this pic late one arvo just before dark in the backyard.Do I look intelligent? LOL

My dear friend Deb and I at our 20 Year highschool reunion.What a blast!.Was so great to catch up with everyone.Deb came down from QLD and we have been friends for over 30yrs.

Beautiful Corey Boy!. Just had to share this pic that was taken today.I am minding Corey (who is my friend Lisas little boy) today and he is asleep at the moment.Such a gorgeous, happy, good boy.He has just turned 2 .Who said 2yr olds were terrible?

Well thats an overload of pics.Think that will do for now LOL

Cheerio for now
Luv Kaz

Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Eye Glass

LOL Didnt know what to call this post so thought that was a bit tongue in cheek.Mmm might be a drawn out post.Something that affects so much of my life but also so very little at the same time.

Just recently..Only because of my high profile job as a console operator (hehe) I have noticed that my vision isn't all that crash hot.I have to record rego numbers when cars stop to fill up (due to the not so honest ones that like to fill up and do a runner)The ones that park closest to my window, I am okay pump up and i often struggle to make out a lot of the numbers/letters.Because of this its made me aware that other things at a distant aren't as clear as they should be

So i visit an optometrist and organize to get some glasses.No biggie.Load of people wear them.Mainly just for work and night driving.If i was just a house wife I probably wouldnt need to worry(which had been my main occupation for some time) He said i would pass a driving license eye test..not easily..but just.

I get my license renewed every 5yrs.I panic that one day they wont pass me.With my glasses one will just be plain glass.

When i was 5 I lost the vision in my right eye.I had an accident.Playing horsey rides in the backyard with some contraption I put together .A wire thing you used to take your garbo out on ...kinda like a little trolley and I attached an indoor clothes line.Elastic about 1cm thick with hooks on each end.Thought i was clever not using the actual hooks to attach it...i tied them on so they were more secure. .I had it around my waist and tied it onto the trolley and asked anyone if they wanted a horsey ride which my neighbour who was there willingly obliged (she would have been about my age too)Now being 5,the ties woundn't have been that good which was proved when it undone as i walked and the hook flung right into the middle of my eye.

I must have blacked out.I do remember but its hazey.I remember playing and being in the back of the ambulance, off to Sydney eye hospital.Dont remember any pain.Back them they had a whole hospital dedicated to eyes.Was operated on and another to follow a bit down the track.The damage was irreparable but they did a pretty good cosmetic job.My eye doesnt dialate and has no lens.I always wondered why I automatically put my hand over my eye when in bright sunlight.Ive seen pics of me as a kid and i have my bloody hand over my eye LOL.Last time I saw a specialist which was probably about 8 odd years ago he said " Oh there is no lens there..that would make you sensitive to sunlight.A "penny dropped" moment. I went to the specialist as I hadnt been for many years and my dad had said to me that i should go as with all the medical science you never know what they can do now but the specialst confirmed..nope it is definatey permanent.They have been giving people heart transplants for yonks but they cant make my blind eye see...go figure.He did comment that they had done a very good job on my eye though

They did try a lot of things to try and get the sight back including wearing a patch over my good eye to try and strain my bad one to see.While this happened I couldnt see a darned! Glasses would made no difference to my bad eye either.

Anyways my eyes are different but not overly noticable.Some people dont even notice or they just notice but dont comment which is what you would expect.I think at night its less noticable when my active eye dialates and looks more like the other.The optometrist made me laugh.His description was that it was "not enough to frighten young children " LOL

Having said all of that (Yes i know I can waffle LOL),It really does not affect me at all .I really only think about it on occasion when something draws attention to it.I see clearly (well close enough) but my view is not as wide.Put your hand over one eye and that what i see.Having been like that since 5..I dont know any different and am so greatful for our gift of sight.In the grand scheme of things its such a very minor thing.I am very lucky to have what i do.

If i see my kids doing pontentially dangerous things though (like flying their skipping ropes around like a lasso)I am probably a little more over the top.Driving I am extra cautious and i have never caused an accident in 20yrs of driving.

Its not something i tell people unless something was to come up.My employer has no idea and i dont see the need for them to know really.Its no secret but no big deal worthy of mentioning .I was in my last job for over 13yrs.I must have told someone or maybe a couple of people i was close to (can't really remember) and one day a manager says to me " Oh I know you have a glass eye" WTF..where did you hear that ?(its not is still the eye ball i was born with) .No doubt some chinese whispers going on there.Then i made a sarcastic joke"yeah sure and when i get tired..I pluck it out and sit it on the desk for a while" LOL

Its all nothing really but just something little about me

Luv Kaz

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Bestest Mum

Quotes from my Kayley girl.... all in one day

You are the bestest mum in the whole wide world

You are the bestest mum Ive ever had

You are the bestest mum I've ever seen..I just can't believe it!

I dont think I even corrected her grammar. I love being the "bestest" LOL

Friday, 6 June 2008

June already?

Oh My goodness.I cant believe its half way through the year already.Obviously,I am behind in blogging.Still getting used to working life and trying to keep my house from becoming a bomb site and the family fed and clean LOL

Well I have 2 days off now so really looking forward to that.Since working nights shift..I so appreciate the nights i get to sleep in my bed.Its pure bliss.Who would have thought something you do normally without a second thought can now be so appreciated.

Have a few exciting things happening this month.My gorgeous girl is turning 6.We aren't doing the party thing this year but are just going to the zoo for the day.Kayley is mad on animals so will love that.I also have a 20year high school reunion..One word..Scary! LOL.Lauren has a couple of parties on for 2 of her good friends..A build-a-bear one and Ice skating.Her bestie Gen is also coming up from Mildura to stay also.

Now for some catch up pics

Dressing up for the schools education week"Superkid Parade"

Kayley is her Zebra Pjs that she LOOVVES

Happy Sunday ..My fav day of the week


Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all

I awoke EARLY to my 3 with a bundle or beautifully wrapped pressies.Handmade (the best kind) and from the Mothers Day stall at school.These included lip gloss,nail buffer,candles, windchimes and also some nice mugs I helped pick out.I will take some more pics later.I only managed one and my camera died.I did fix it (the lense needed cleaning and battery charge) but by then i was busy with other things (like cleaning up)

So here is a pic that my 5yr old daughter Kayley spent 2 nights colouring in, in her room.I just love this to bits.I knew she was up to something as she kept worrying Id see what she was doing.She loves colouring in and is quite good at it

It would have been nice to have asleep in and I did try but it wasnt going to happen.Jase cooked bacon and eggs though so that made up for it

My heart goes go out to the mums that are "missing " today. I dont know if its possible that they miss moreso today as they do everyday but i guess its another significant reminder .Hard to find the right things to say but my thoughts are with you

Luv Kaz